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SonarBell operates by focusing and reflecting sound energy, much like a lens or mirror.

By focusing and re-radiation the sound energy back, a 200 mm SonarBell can deliver
the same sonar target strength as a 2 Meter diameter metal sphere.

Efficient underwater location normally requires the use of
sonar, even with sonar visualising the water column or sea bed
is difficult and time consuming.

SonarBell® is a totally passive, cost effective sonar reflector
which works in conjunction with sonar to provide a clear echo
return capable of guiding you to the required target.

As a passive device SonarBell® delivers an economically
viable asset marking solution for applications where alternative
technologies such as active transponders have previously
been considered too expensive to justify i.e. transponders, or
too limited in terms of their functionality i.e.corner reflectors.

SonarBell® works with all types of sonar from highly
sophisticated hull mounted sonar designed for mine-hunting
and side-scan devices at one end of the scale to fish-finders
and echo-sounders at the other.

It works equally well with AUV/UUV and hand-held sonar for
work done at close ranges.

The response of the SonarBell® can be tuned to resonate at
frequencies between 4kHz and 650kHz to deliver:
•Single narrow band resonance
•Multiple high strength resonance peaks
•Broadband response

Available in a range of sizes from 200mm to 50mm, the
effective range depends on the frequency used, the size
selected and the power of the sonar.

In order to determine whether the SonarBell® technology can
be of use to you we provide consultation
  • Asset recovery
  • Positioning
  • Pipeline Location and tracking
  • Pipeline alignment
  • Equipment Markings
  • Location Marking
  • ROV Location and Recovery
  • Harbor tagging
  • Sonar Testing and Calibration
  • General Intervention
  • Installation of Mattreses
  • Divers Training and tracking
  • Fishing Nets
  • Seabed Monuments
  • Anchor Recovery
  • Guided Route Survey
  • Spool Metrology
SonarBell® Technology

Outwardly the SonarBell® looks like a very simple device but
dig a little deeper and it soon becomes clear that particular
material choice, tight manufacturing tolerance and specific
design criteria play a significant part in creating a device that
delivers a performance well beyond that which initial
impressions might suggest.

Conceived in the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) Defence
Science and Technology Laboratories (Dstl), the potential of
the SonarBell® technology to contribute to underwater activity
outside the military arena was recognised early on. For that
reason Subsea Asset Location Technologies Limited (SALT
Ltd.) was formed to turn concept into reality.

SALT Ltd. has taken the development of the SonarBell® to the
next level solving the practical issues such as manufacturing,
environmental interaction and deployment amongst many
others whilst creating a wide ranging product family for
defence and industrial applications.

SALT Ltd. has also spent a considerable amount of time
learning how to get the best from the device in a significant
series of trials and demonstrations.
+ Passive (No power issues)
+ Low Cost
+ Small sized
+ Inert, stable and passive
+ Omni-directional
+ No Maintenance
+ Single, multiple or broadband
             optimized response
+ Visible at up to 2 KM
+ Easily deployed
+ Long term asset marking
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The bigger the SonarBell® the more energy it captures, thus the
larger the energy signal sent back to the sonar, the larger the range
over which it will be seen. A 100mm SonarBell® will have a range that
is about a third to a quarter that of the 200mm SonarBell®.
Highly efficient, and smart,  Sonar and EchoSounder Reflectors