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ERD:   Engineered Robotics and Designs
  Tank Inspection Systems.
1 Introduction
The CCTI next generation tank inspection robot system is a rugged
data acquisition and control system custom designed for immersive
use in fluid tanks in tough petro-chemical and oilfield environments.
The mechanical hardware, electrical controls and control software
for the crawler has been designed from the ground up for reliability
and operation in harsh petrochemical environment.
Electrical Systems
Power and data signals are carried to the crawler over a small diameter
TPU umbilical cable allowing for better maneuverability and reduced drag.
A separate Nitrogen purge line allows pressurization of the electronics
compartment to allow for operations at greater submerged depths.

The multiplexer system on the crawler combines various sensor data
and control channels to allow communication and control over a few

CCTIS Main Mux Board
The robot transmits all data over the live umbilical link to the command
station but continuously records all data and control channels an internal
64GB memory.

The user does not have to take any action to start this black-box data
recording, it automatically starts on power up. The data recording
capacity can vary based on the number of parameters being recorded
and the size of the memory card installed. But for reference, if sixty four
parameters are being recorded at a one second interval then the unit can
record continuously for more a month.

The unit can be powered by 12-36 Volts DC. This DC power is
automatically cleaned and adjusted up/down by a DC/DC converter to 24
Volts for proper noise free operation of onboard sensors.
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